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Scott Jackson - Part Two
Scott awoke in a daze. The first thing to pop into his mind was his location. He was in a large metal pit. He could feel turbulence. It was obvious to him he was in some sort of vehicle. Scott looked up, and saw strange figures staring down at him from the edge of the pit.
They barked some unintelligible language down into the pit. A large metal claw attached to a wire sprung from the wall of the pit and grasped a creature in the pitt. Scott had hardly noticed the other creatures.
One of the figures flew down on a levitating metal platform. The claw lifted up the creature as the figure examined it from the platform. It spoke its guttural language and the claw tossed the small creature aside. It's body smacked the floor with a painful thud. Scott examined the figure carefully. It had a distinct silhouette. Instead of legs, the creature had a long, meaty tail with a hard spike on the end. Scott mused on their method of locomotion. Without warning, a claw shot out from the wall and graspe
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Scott Jackson (WORKING TITLE) - Part One
Scott Jackson blinked slowly, staring around the cabin of his shuttle. It was circular and conical, with it's diameter barely 5 meters across and most of that room was taken up by the computers crammed into the small vessel. A message beeped up on the main display, directly in front of Scott. Scott was still groggy; he couldn't make out exactly what the smaller words on the display said, but he could make out the large 'WARNING' in red letters. Scott wasn't in any position to panic. The hyper-sleep drugs were still lingering in his system, and his thought processes where fogged. Scott weakly pressed on the display and an image of a planet appeared. A speaker on the display crackled to life as words spewed forth from it.
"WARNING. Trajectory is dangerously close to Planet UNIDENTIFIED. Entry imminent." Scott mused on the words, still not clear headed enough to fully take stock of the situation. The craft suddenly shook violently, and Scott's head collided against a piece of equipment wi
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Quest Project - Lore
- The Formation -
Our tale begins in the mythical land of Leros. Three distinctive races occupy Leros: Elves, Dwarves and Humans. These three races control much land, although they are not the only sentient beings in this land. There are also Orcs, Goblins, Gnomes, Gnolls, Kobolds; the list is endless. These beings came into existence two millennia before our tale truly begins.
In the first era, there existed only Leros. No intelligent life was to be found, only the animals and beasts that now share the world with the intelligent creatures. While sentient and intelligent life did not exist on Leros, it did in the heavens.
The Gods that created Leros circled the mythical land in an extraterrestrial harmony.  There were three main gods. Eleron, the god that represented the elves, was also the patron god of wisdom and peace. Jaluis, the god of the humans, was the patron of war and order; the god Kerun was the deity of the dwarves and patron of crafting and technology.
Kerun firs
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Chapter One
Mr. Narrator
Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. Please, come in. Sit down by the fire, and warm your chilled bones. Have a cup of hot chocolate, and we'll discuss business! Who am I, you say? Oh, no one of importance. I am merely a conveniently placed inter dimensional narrator. While you may be reading this in your own voice, I would prefer you read in a soothing baritone voice, with a slight dash of a posh British accent.
But I'm getting off topic. You have come here to discuss business, have you not? Oh, no? You have come here for the story of Adrian? Ah yes, Adrian was a fine fellow, or was he? I am not implying the opposite of what I suggested in a mere attempt to foreshadow; I sincerely do not know. Ah, but am I not a writer's proverbial "get out of jail free" card? Do I not know all the events of the story? You're right; I could very easily summarize the entire contents of the book in this very introductory chapter, although that would not be very kind. Alas, I am fo
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Since I have a severe art retardation, and I am horrible at drawing; I am writing. I write on my iPad using the iA Writer. My current project is nearing 7000 words, unedited. god i am so lazy. I'm going to get around to editing this stuff, and submit part two.

I am a very poor artist. I can't even draw stick people. I mean, i make third graders look good at art.
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